1. "Dude, your bitchel-whipped get out now before its too late."

    Source: urbandictionary.com


  2. "Hipster love"

    Shot in Leiden with my Canon AE-1 on Portra 160 film.


  3. A friend of Mine makes random drawings, poems and moving images.
    Check it out: http://nadienjaninja.blogspot.nl/


  4. 'It's summertime'

    via @Leedvermaak


  5. A friend of mine made this beautiful animation.


  6. This is a video about my trip to Berlin.


  7. Me & Mark by Nikki van der Endt.


  8. The video clip for Wieteke I produced is finished!

    Wieteke - Double U (Prod. by Greaza) 

    (Source: youtube.com)


  9. I experimented some in Logic Pro and made this mix.


  10. Case movie for a school project.


  11. Good day, good Sir!

    Animation with lyrics made on a song from Outkast.


  12. Animation made for a serious urban game.

    Coming soon to your mobile device…


  13. Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-doo!



  15. I drew an owl in Illustrator.